PAPER MILL - 3700 MM, 45-150 GSM, 130 TPD

Description PAPER MILL - 3700 MM, 45-150 GSM, 130 TPD
Ref. No. PAPERM141203
Year 1992 / 199
Qty. 1 Second-hand paper mill including stock preparation line & deinking plant
Stock preparation line & deinking plant
Mfc. Escher Wyss & Comer Capacity
Paper mill
Mfc. Valmet Built
Trimmed width 3700 mm Weight range
Speed 600 m/min Production capacity
Stock preparation line & deinking plant
Pulper HD20 RCM, on stainless steel, with power motor 340 kW/660 V, including belt conveyor with weighing system and pulper cleaning system (poire) type RCM TSP 1300 on stainless steel with bale press for rejects.
Pulper Escher-Wyss ST6C 9 m3 with slat conveyor and electronic weighing system and power motor 185 kW, stainless steel tank Stainless steel stock chests built in 1992 with reinforcing ribs in carbon steel, capacity ~ 100 m3, equipped with De Pretto Escher Wyss agitators.
Maule hot dispersion plant composed by an inclined screw thickener with 2 units type MB75/2 and a dewatering screw press type GR-II, heated screw Ø 1100 mm and length 9000 mm Escher-Wyss disperger type HD3, with 550 kW motor, 660 V.
4 stage low density cleaners, flow 16.000 l/min
- first stage by PalMac with 28 cones - second stage by PalMac with 10 cones
- third stage by Celleco with 8 cones - fourth stage by Sulzer - Escher Wyss with 2 cones
Omnisorter OS2-LR, on stainless steel with slotted basket
Omniscreen OS4-BR, on stainless steel with slotted basket
Axiguard CS3t, on stainless steel with slotted basket
Comer flotation cellmodel CYBERCELL FCB4, for a 120 - 150 Tpd, on stainless steel.
Comer double disc thickener 2 units
- Disc thickner Comer installed in 1995, on stainless Steel, with 10 sectors, with drive,
flow 5.800 l/min, perfect condition
- Disc thickner Comer installed in 1995, on stainless Steel, with 14 sectors, with drive,
flow 8.100 l/min, perfect condition
COMER wire press width 1.500 mm
De Pretto Escher Wyss rejectsorter type RS – 2B
Various stainless steel tanks available
Paper mill
- Vertical screen and fan pump
- (2) Vacuum pumps AZMEC AL100 (2001)
Head box slice width 4050 mm made by Valmet installed in 1995
150 Tpd Fourdriner made in 1992
In stainless steel and carbon steel lined with stainless steel sheet.
Length 12.850 mm Width
Cough roll diameter 762 mm Pick up roll diameter
Unipress section composed by pick up and press diameter 875 mm
Overhauled by Valmet in 2001
Escher Wyss second press year 1992 with Nipco roll
Superior roll diameter 955 mm NIPCO roll diameter
Drying section rebuilt in 1995 by Valmet and consiststing of pre- and post-drying sections
Pre-drying section including 17 drying rolls Ø 1500 mm Face 3950 mm,
Operating pressure 4,9 bar
Post-drying section rebuilt in 1995 and composed by 10 drying rolls Ø 1500 mm
Face 3950 mm operating pressure 4,9 bar
Size press manufactured by Sonotec Diameter of the rolls 590 and 600 mm
Escher Wyss calender year 1992 equipped with Nipco roll
Fault detector system and bridge measurement system (ABB)
QCS Valmet pope reel installed in 1995
Diameter maximum 2.800 mm
Automatic type with spools parking.
Equipped with 5 reel spools Hydraulic groups and cooking for size press
Jagenberg Vari Step TR 43 rewinder width trimmed 3.700 mm
Max speed 2000 m/min,
10 slitting knives Max. inlet Ø 2400 mm Max. rewound Ø 1525 mm
Complete of unwinder

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