Description PUB BREWERY
Ref. No. BREWERY140801
Year 1994
Qty. 1 Second-hand complete pub brewery
20 hl Pub Brewery for sale complete in stainless steel for
Consist of
1. Malt handling
- Cylinder-conic malt silo with 25m³content, made in fibre glass / plastic, standing outdoor on steel construction
- Malt conveyors / spiral conveyor into 1st floor
- 2-roller malt mill, make Seeger, type ZSM O-HQIIS, for 250 kg/h, built 1994
- Grist case
- Fall pipe in mash copper (for dust free mashing-in)
- Gibbet-lift for bagged special malts
2. Sudhaus
Tower brewhouse, make Münker, for 20 hl / brew, complete in stainless steel, built 1994, steam heated, isolated and covered with stainless steel sheet, 2 crane eylet, 2 stainless steel platform, with
- Mash- / Wort copper with bottom heating zhone and interior cooker, sideways agitator, manway entrance hatch, lightning, steam regulation valve
- Lautertun, with stainless steel raking machine with SEW-drive from top, with spent grains slider, stainless steel false bottom, spent grains hatch, vertical sight glass, lightning, spray head, dome lid
- with built on control cabinet
- Spndle station with washing table in stainless steel, about 1,5m wall assembled
- Hot water tank, with 30 hl, in stainless steel, isolated and covered with stainless steel sheet, heatable, with manway in the wall, level display
- Pressure raising pump, make Danfoss
- Wort cooling, make API Schmidt Bretten, 1-stage plate apparatus
- Wort aeration in stainless steel
3. Fermenting- and Storage tanks
- 5 CCTs, make Münker, with 40 hl net / 46 hl gross content, all tanks 3 bar, built 1994, standing on feet, PI-isolated fully welded with stainless steel jacket, with jacket cooling from cone below to ½ wall 60 lt cooling jacket 3 bar, with manway in the wall, 2 outlets with butterfly valves, temperature sensor PT100, spray head, pulled down cleaning pipe with butterfly valve, bunging armature, over pressure valve, sampler, 2 crane eyelets, 2 of the tanks with level display
- Digital temperature control for 5 tanks in stainless steel control cabinet
- Circulating pump in stainless steel, mobile, with switch
- Many good beer hoses
- 6 x 10 hl beer dispensing tanks, make DUO Tank, built 2002, 3,0 / 4,3 bar, coolable, isolated with stainless steel-jacket fully welded, for Inline-operation, lying in rack, screwed stainless steel rack, with pressure armature, outlet armature with reduction to bare connection, manway with big sight glass in manway led
- Panel for 3 beer sorts
4. Filling
Combinated bottle-/kegging plant, make BTB, type Multimat MT/2-F, with 1 cleaning tub, heated and 1 rebuilt KEG
- Bottle cleaning machine for coevally cleaning of 8 bottles inside and outside, for up to 2 lt bottles
- Bottle filling station with hub cylinder from below, with splinter protection
- Combinated KEG-cleaning- and filling station
- Built on control cabinet with Siemens S5 control and operating console OP 7
5. Technicals
- Steam kettle, make Certuss, for about f280 kg/h, with gas burner, big service made at 4th August 2014, built in 1994
- Condensate tub in stainless steel at wall and second small s/s-tub
- Water treatment
- Steam regulation and condensate valves in cycle
- Stainless steel chimney plant about 8-10m
- Compressed air, make Atlas Copco, with below lying wind kettle, built Bj. 1994
- Cooling plant / cold water plant, make L&R Kältetechnik, type WRK-17/SL/-5, plant built 1997, cooling agent R 407 C, with new compressor and new plate heat exchanger in 2014 for 10.000 € invested, evaporator with 2 ventilator outside hanging on the wall
6.1 others
- Chemicals
- Hop and malt
- About 100 KETs, make Schäfer, Plus-KEGs, flat fitting in different sizes, neutral
- Party-KEGs, with Bavarian tap, PU-covered in black and with wood-optic
- About 800 neutral clip lock bottles each 1 lt
- 2 dispensing hanger, 1-axle, brake, 4,50 m long
The Brewery is still in operation to inspect respectively it is possible to brew with!
Alle for running operation is existing.
For dismantling have not remove fixed walls.
The room height in area brewhouse and CCTs is 4,50m.
The plant is assembled on 10.75 x 4.38m.

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