BILLET CASTING PLANT - 125/140/150 MM - L=9 M - 600 000 T/A

Description BILLET CASTING PLANT - 125/140/150 MM - L=9 M - 600 000 T/A
Ref. No. BILLETCASTL170701
Year 1997-2000
Qty. 1 Second-hand billet casting plant including melt shop with a lot of accessories.
Capacity of the steel melting shop of 80 ton liquid steel in ladle (600.000 tpy).
Billet size 125 / 140 / 150 mm Billet length
Manufacturer Taglaferri, BSE, Danieli, STS Senini, CONCAST
Scope of supply EAF Chemical Package Ladle Furnace
Continuous Billet Caster Rotating Turret Tundish Car
Cutting System Dust Treatment Plant Scrap Cars
Water Plant Cranes – melting shop Workshop
Technical Data
EAF - Electric Arc Furnace
Manufacturer Tagliaferri Built
Transformer 96 MVA Current
Electricity Consumption 370 kWh/t Electrode Diameter
Heat Weight 85 Ton External Diameter
Capacity 115 t/h
Chemical Package
Manufaturer BSE Built
Technology Lance Manipulator – 2 Oxygen lances – 2x1500 Nmc/h
nr. 1 Carbon Lance – nr. 1 Lime Lance
nr. 2 Cojet – lateral combined oxygen gas burner - 1500 Nmc/h - 4.5 MW / each
nr. 1 Jet Box – lateral combined lance – 2000 Nmc/h max
nr. 3 Post Combustion Burner
Ladle Furnace
Manufacturer Tagliaferri Type
Transformer 18 MVA Current
Voltage 220 V Electricity Consumption
Electrode Diameter 350 mm Stirring gas
Treatment Time Approx. 30’
Continuous billet caster
Manufacturer Danieli Built
Billet size 125/140/150 mm Billet length
Radius 4.0 meters Annual production
Rotating turret Mfc.
Ladle steel weight 85/105 tons Ladle weight
Turndish car Mfc. CONCAST Built
Capacity 45 tons Billet size
Cutting system Mfc. Ormis Built
Dust treatment plant Mfc. Tecoaer Built
Scrap cars and scrap buckets
Water plant (pressure pumps and instrumentation)
Spare parts (many available including also capital spares)
Cranes for steel melting shop (EAF charging crane, casting crane...)
Workshop tools for the meltshop

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